Seamax Ocean 380 Review

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Seamax Ocean 380 ReviewSeamax Marine takes pride in the fact that their boats are constructed from start to finish under their direct supervision and to their explicit standards. The Canadian company based in Richmond, British Columbia specializes in inflatable boats, but don’t let that deflate you just yet; all of their inflatable boats, like the Seamax Ocean380, are designed to provide the ultimate in durability. Utilized in everything from fishing and hunting to exploring and diving, Seamax boats can handle it all.

In this Seamax Ocean 380 review, we’ll cover the important construction and design details, the features and included accessories, the pros and cons, specs, and more.

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ProsOutstanding build quality
Extremely durable
Excellent stability
Roomy enough for plenty of passengers and gear
High-quality accessories included
Solid warranty coverage
Top-shelf customer service
ConsPremium price tag
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Seamax Ocean380 Review: Boat Overview

Seamax Ocean380The Seamax Ocean380 inflatable boat cuts no corners and makes no apologies where durability is concerned. Seamax Marine proudly touts meticulous attention to detail to ensure the longevity of their inflatable boats. With its quadruple layered seams, inner bottom reinforcement, transom stabilizer reinforcement, and accurate hull quality control, the Seamax Ocean 380 is designed to withstand years of hard use and wear.

An aluminum floor, numerous tie-out points, primary and secondary life lines around both inside and outside perimeters of the boat, and a weight capacity of 1,211 pounds means that this inflatable boat is designed to be a serious people- and gear-hauler. Those in need of something larger with additional capacity should check out the commercial-grade Seamax Ocean 430T.

Plan on bringing at least a friend to enjoy this beast; the price of all that hardiness and capacity comes in the form of weight. At 190 pounds dry, this isn’t a boat you’re going to be taking anywhere alone (at least not comfortably). Best suited for use in circumstances where it can be delivered by vehicle near or at the water’s edge or set up and left for the season, the rugged Ocean380 will do whatever you ask of it once it’s in the water.

This aquatic workhorse is durable, packable, and dependable. The combination of low center of gravity and rigid aluminum floor system make the Ocean 380 extremely useful in a number of applications. Families with young children enjoy significantly decreased risk of capsizing, while more commercial or recreational users enjoy peace of mind that their gear won’t puncture the boat’s bottom. Equally adaptive is the Seamax Ocean380’s capability to accommodate both oars and any boat-rated 25HP short shaft motor. Its overall versatility make this an exceptionally adaptive boat.

Boat Construction and Design

Seamax Ocean380 BottomSeamax begins each one of their inflatables with Marine Grade PVC coating fabric throughout the craft, utilizing a thicker 1.2 mm material for the boat bottom. Each main seam is overlapped 1/2” then reinforced on both sides with 1” seam tape for extra strength. The result is a seam that is quadruple layered, 4-5mm thick, and 2.5” wide.

In the name of durability, Seamax also reinforces a sizable portion of the Ocean380’s inner keel area for extra rigidity and protection. The reinforcing material is on the inside of the boat, so it creates no additional drag. Seamax reports that they’ve had 0% damage claims since implementing this particular standard on their craft.Seamax Ocean 380 Inflatable BoatThe Ocean380 features an extremely durable transom. They’ve taken the base materials of marine grade birch plywood and sealed it in the same PVC coating fabric used in the rest of the craft. The result is a transom that is far more resistant to weathering from sunlight, water, and temperature changes.

A common shortcoming on inflatable boats is a bottom that sags and droops, creating drag and an uneven and vulnerable floor surface. Seamax has an industry-leading eye to detail when it comes to the cut and fit of their hull. This detail eliminates excess material — as a result, there’s less drag, stress, and risk of catching and sustaining damage to the bottom of the boat.

Best Features

Seamax Ocean 380 BoatThe Seamax Ocean380 offers a number of options to secure all types of cargo, both human and gear. A heavy-duty life line around the outside perimeter and a secondary life line inside the boat gives ample opportunity to secure passengers inside and out in the event of a mishap. Ten durable D-rings on the inside of the pontoons provide plenty of options for securing cargo for transport.

Securing and towing this boat are not an issue. Three rings on the front, two on the transom, and four tie-downs/handles on the the sides instill confidence whether tying up, anchoring down, or hitching up to tow the Ocean 380.Seamax Ocean380 BowAn ultra-durable, non-skid aluminum floor system is sectioned for easy installation and break-down/stowing. Also provided are tie-down fittings for either a fuel tank or battery box when using the Ocean380 with a motor. Dual motor pads and a pull-up style drain valve on the transom make installation of the motor and drainage of the boat a cinch when your excursion comes to an end.

The Seamax Ocean 380 features a heavy-duty protective strake on the outer edge of the pontoons and on the keel bottom — the exact spots where the boat is most likely to bump against other objects. It also comes with an oar-lock set installed.

Seamax Ocean 380 Rating
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  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Service
  • Price
User Rating 3.2 (15 votes)

Seamax Ocean380 Specs

Weight190 pounds
Max Weight Capacity1211 pounds
Passenger Capacity5 passengers

What’s Included

The Seamax Ocean380 inflatable boat includes the following high-quality accessories:

  • 2 bench seats
  • 2 x aluminum oars
  • Dual heavy-duty boat carrying bags (hull & floorboard)
  • 2000 lbs. capacity front towing cable
  • Foot pump
  • Inflatable boat repair kit and spare parts

All Seamax boats are covered by a 1 year warranty which guarantees that there are no workmanship or material defects. Additionally, Seamax covers all seams for 3 years the Duratex PVC fabrics for a full 5 years.


Can I leave the Seamax Ocean 380 inflated and in the water on a long-term basis?
Yes. Because of the durability and attention to detail in manufacturing, the Ocean 380 is perfectly suited for periods of extended use and exposure.

How small is the Ocean380 when deflated and disassembled?
The Ocean380 breaks down into two carry bags (one for the hull and one for the floorboard). One will measure approximately 48” x 26” x 14”, and the other 40” x 24” x 10”.

What size engine do you recommend for the Ocean 380?
Any motor up to 25 HP (short shaft) will work just fine, depending on your environment and need.

Final Thoughts

The Seamax Ocean 380 is an extremely high-quality inflatable boat that offers the ultimate in durability and utility. This is a boat that is durable enough to please the most extreme hunter and fisherman, while also being safe and stable enough to bring peace of mind to more family-oriented users.

Ultimately designed to be a serious workhorse, the Seamax Ocean380 boat will surely provide you with many years of enjoyment.

Due to it’s size and weight, the Ocean 380 isn’t the best choice for the solo adventurer. This is definitely a boat that is geared towards small groups and families who need a rugged, do-it-all inflatable boat for their adventures. If that’s the type of inflatable boat that you’re in the market for, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better choice than the Seamax Ocean380.

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