Sea Eagle 9 (SE9) Review

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Sea Eagle 9 ReviewThe Sea Eagle 9 is a durable, stable, and versatile inflatable boat that is capable of being a lot of things for a wide variety of people. First sold in 1982, Sea Eagle is now marketing a new and improved version of the SE9 that has been extremely well-received.

The latest version of the Sea Eagle SE9 features a higher pressure inflatable floor with its own protective nylon fabric sheath and I-beam reinforcement. The SE9’s wide design adds to the boat’s impressive stability and makes the SE9 capable of carrying a large load.

The Sea Eagle 9 is extremely portable and very lightweight, and it can be packed away in a single carry bag. This makes it ideal for people who want an easy to set up boat for fishing or fun. Its ability to fold up small also makes it great for use as a yacht tender.Sea Eagle SE9 Bag

Sea Eagle boats are a safe bet if you’re looking for a brand that you can trust. Sea Eagle was started by the Hoge family in 1968, and the business is still run by them today. Their passion for water sports and dedication to quality has built Sea Eagle into one of the premier watercraft companies in the world.

There are Sea Eagle boats in use for fire and rescue, exploration trips, and other challenging environments. Sea Eagle knows what boat users need, and they make certain that their boats live up to the high expectations.

In fact, Sea Eagle is so confident in the quality of their boats that they have a 180-day return policy, which allows buyers to try a boat risk-free. As long as the return falls within 180 days of receiving the boat and the return meets certain criteria, Sea Eagle will accept the return. They also offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

But there’s another reason why the Sea Eagle 9 is so popular, and that’s the boat’s functional, versatile design. In this Sea Eagle SE9 review, we’ll take a look at the standout design features of this inflatable boat, the pros and cons, who it is best for, what’s included, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
Very comfortable
Extremely portable
Easy to set up
Nice bundle of included accessories
Solid 3-year warranty
180-day risk-free trial
Excellent customer support
ConsOak lock system could be improved
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Sea Eagle SE9 Review: Boat Overview

Sea Eagle SE9The Sea Eagle 9 is a stable boat with a design that gives it excellent stability in most sea conditions and moderate whitewater conditions. When inflated, the Sea Eagle 9 measures 132″ x 56″. The boat’s floor features I-beam support which adds to the SE9’s rigidity, making the boat even more stable.

The Sea Eagle 9’s inflatable floor serves another function — adding to the boat’s buoyancy. Additionally, the SE9 features two all-around air chambers. The 15″ diameter main chamber is at the bottom, while the back-up chamber rests on top. This means that it’s highly unlikely that both chambers will get damaged.

In addition, the back-up chamber on top basically heightens the walls of the SE9 which is great for keeping passengers dry. There’s also an additional chamber for the motormount support, which means the Sea Eagle 9 has four air chambers in all.Sea Eagle SE9 Air Chambers

The Sea Eagle 9’s interior measures 90″ x 28″, making the boat capable of carrying four adults and loads weighing up to 1199 pounds.

The SE9 can take a 3HP gas motor weighing up to 40 pounds with a shaft length of 15″. This will push the SE9 up to speeds of 5-6 mph. Alternatively, a 76-pound thrust electric motor with a minimum shaft length of 30″ will get you up to 4-5 mph.Sea Eagle 9 Motor

The Sea Eagle SE9 is designed to be ultra-convenient. It only takes about 15 minutes to inflate the boat. The sides inflate to 1.1 psi, while the floor inflates to 3 psi. When inflated, the hull, floor and motor mount only weigh 51 pounds together. When deflated, the SE9 fits into a 26″ x 26″ x 10″ carry bag.

The SE9’s inflatable floor is removable and it’s encased in a super durable, protective nylon sheath. The Sea Eagle 9 also features two floor drains which are easy to open and shut.

The SE9 also has an all-around grab line, a bow towing grommet, a bow carry handle, molded oar clasps, four molded oarlocks, and fittings to allow for easy customization.

Who is the SE9 Inflatable Boat Best for?

Sea Eagle 9 BoatThe Sea Eagle 9 is a very versatile little boat. Its broad stance in the water (along with rigidity lent by the inflatable floor) makes the boat wonderfully stable, which makes it a great fishing boat and a good option for a ship to shore tender.

The fact that it’s easy to inflate, setup, and store in small spaces makes the boat perfect for RV owners, yachtsmen, campers, and just anyone else who needs a boat without large storage space requirements.Sea Eagle 9 Portability

The SE9 is an excellent choice for rowing down rivers, and it can handle moderate whitewater rafting. There’s also the option of using a gas or electric motor, which we highly recommend.

The one thing the Sea Eagle 9 won’t give you is speed. It’s great fun for rowing. It’s comfortable for fishing and it’s able to handle a bit of choppiness, but you won’t get it to plane and you won’t get it to travel faster than 6 mph. If performance and speed is your goal, you should definitely look at other speedier options like the Sea Eagle 10.6sr, 12.6sr, or 14sr.

Sea Eagle SE9 Rating
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Service
  • Price
User Rating 3.5 (12 votes)

Sea Eagle SE9 Specs

Weight35 pounds - 51 pounds
Max Weight Capacity1199 pounds
Passenger Capacity4 person

What’s Included

Sea Eagle 9 StartupThe entry-level configuration of this popular boat is the Sea Eagle 9 Startup package. Included with this configuration are the following:

  • 13″ high inflatable fishing seat
  • 4″ high inflatable rowing seat
  • Inflatable floor
  • AB254 oar set
  • A41 foot pump
  • carrying bag
  • Inflatable boat repair kit

Additionally, the SE9 is backed by Sea Eagle’s excellent customer support and outstanding warranty. As is the case with all Sea Eagle boats, the SE9 comes with a 3-year warranty that covers all manufacturer defects. Sea Eagle also throws in a full 180-day risk-free trial period, so you can be sure that this boat is the right one for you.

Optional Package Configurations

In addition to the Sea Eagle SE9 Startup package, there are 6 other configurations to choose from…

Sea Eagle 9 Fisherman's Dream

Sea Eagle 9 Fisherman’s Dream
The Sea Eagle 9 Fisherman’s Dream includes a 13″ high inflatable fishing seat, an inflatable 4″ high rowing seat, a motormount, and inflatable floor, the AB254 oar set, an A41 foot pump, and a repair kit.

Sea Eagle 9 Motor

Sea Eagle 9 Motor
The Sea Eagle 9 Motor package comes with a Minn Kota Endura 30 and motormount, an inflatable floor, the AB254 oar set, an A41 foot pump, a carrying bag, an inflatable 13″ high fishing seat, an inflatable 4″ high rowing seat, and a repair kit.
Sea Eagle 9 Watersnake Motor

Sea Eagle 9 Watersnake Motor
The Sea Eagle 9 Watersnake Motor package features a Watersnake Venom 34 and motormount, an inflatable floor, a set of AB254 oars, an A41 foot pump, a carry bag, a 13″ high inflatable fishing seat, a 4″ high inflatable rowing seat, and a repair kit.
Sea Eagle 9 Motor Canopy

Sea Eagle 9 Motor Canopy
The Sea Eagle 9 Motor Canopy package includes a Minn Kota Endura 30 with motormount, a canopy, two bench seats, an inflatable floor, an A41 foot pump, a carrying bag, a set of AB254 oars, a 13″ high inflatable seat, a 4″ high inflatable rowing seat, and a repair kit.
Sea Eagle 9 Watersnake Motor Canopy

Sea Eagle 9 Watersnake Motor Canopy
The Sea Eagle 9 Watersnake Motor Canopy comes with a canopy and Watersnake Venom 34, an inflatable floor, a motormount, an A41 foot pump, a 13″ high inflatable fishing seat, an inflatable 4″ high rowing seat, AB254 oars, a carrying bag, and a repair kit.
Sea Eagle 9 Fish-n-Troll

Sea Eagle 9 Fish-n-Troll
The Sea Eagle 9 Watersnake Motor Canopy features a Watersnake Venom 34, a Fish-n-Troll kit, a canopy, an inflatable floor, a motormount, a carrying bag, an A41 foot pump, AB254 oars, a 4″ high inflatable rowing seat, a 13″ high inflatable fishing seat, and a repair kit.


Do I need to register the Sea Eagle 9?
Registration requirements vary from place to place, so it’s best if you check with local authorities.

Can I use an air compressor to inflate the SE9?
An air compressor can over-inflate the SE9 which will damage the boat.

What’s the difference between the classic SE9 and the new, updated version?
The biggest difference is in the weight. The classic version had wooden bench seats, floorboards, and a wooden motor mount. All of these have been substituted for lighter versions, resulting in a whopping 50-pound weight reduction in the updated version. Also, the updated SE9 can now be stowed in a carry bag, while the classic version could not.

Can I take my dog along?
Sure! We’d recommend that you keep your dog’s nails clipped, however.

What’s the water displacement of the Sea Eagle SE9?
Only about six inches, not counting the motor. With the motor, it depends on the motor’s shaft length.

Where does one put the trolling motor battery?
Either behind or next to the seat is best. Remember to always use a battery box.

Final Thoughts

The Sea Eagle 9 is a simple, affordable, versatile inflatable boat that can do a lot. Want to do a river run with moderate whitewater? Want something easy to stow as a yacht tender? How about a lightweight, but sturdy fishing boat? The SE9 is perfect for all of these uses.

Almost anything you can think of, the SE9 can do. With that said, this isn’t a boat designed that was designed to go fast.

Furthermore, this isn’t the ideal boat for ocean use. Yes, the SE9 can handle moderate coastal conditions, but if you’re looking for a deep sea boat or better control in harbors, you’ll be better off with one of Sea Eagle’s other models.

That said, the SE9’s easy set up and light weight make it a great option for many people. Add in the fact that Sea Eagle’s warranty covers it for a full 3 years, and you’ve got a boat that is an excellent choice for most recreational users.

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  1. I am 64 , passion for lake and pond fishing. I want to know the biggest risk factors of battery and gas motors? I can’t lift alot but my water is close .Widow. But is the risk of fire very dangerous. I see where some half type batteries and maybe not the really heavy marine type of back in the day. The gas sounds comforting for my back but is it more dangerous? I just need some real honest information. If you buy the one person fishing boat is there no canopy. I cant affort nor maybe can carry the two person. I would appreciate the information, thank you in advance. Spring n fishing here now in the South …crappies n bass. Tired of the shore !!!!! Retired now.

    Mrs Walden trying to decide soon of best route

    • Hello Mrs. Walden, thank you very much for your comment.

      With gas motors, you have to deal with higher maintenance, fluid leakage and refueling, and they can be difficult to start. The good news is, you don’t have to lug around a heavy battery.

      Electric motors are easier to start and don’t require end-of-season maintenance, but the battery adds weight (and they’re costly to replace).

      I’m not sure if you’re aware of this as I need to update this write-up, but Sea Eagle recently started carrying Honda motors and they’re now offering an SE9 package with one of the world’s lightest four-stroke outboards — a safe and very efficient Honda 2.3 hp four stroke. Have a look at the Honda Motor package at the bottom of this page. While the SE9 Honda package doesn’t come with a canopy, you can just click “Extras” at the top of Sea Eagle’s website and add their Sun and Rain Canopy to your order as an add-on accessory.

      I hope this helps, Mrs. Walden. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  2. Hi, I was wondering how the SE9 would handle 3 types of water. #1 A creek avg 30 – 40 yds wide with a few class 2 rapids /riffles. The boat will rub the bottom of the creek which of course is rocks. We would have 2 people plus a total weight with fishing gear including people of approximately 500 lbs. We would be picked up at the end of the float. We wouldn’t try going back up stream. #2 Would be the Potomac river in Western Maryland. A fair size river. It has a normal flow of approx 5mph with some riffles, nothing over class 2. For this float we would use a 55lb thrust electric motor. #3 These floats would be in reservoir /small lakes using the electric motor where gas or diesel are prohibited.

    Thank you, Donnie Powers

    • Hi Donnie! The SE9 would more than handle the load you describe, as it’s rated for up to 4 adults or 1200 lbs. While it doesn’t carry an official whitewater class rating like some of Sea Eagle’s other boats, they do say that it can be used for mild to moderate whitewater. As long as you’re not doing anything too crazy, I think you’ll be fine. All-in-all it should be a versatile boat for your needs.

        • Donnie – Sea Eagle doesn’t list a class rating for the SE 9 that I can find anymore. If you’re looking for serious whitewater handling (class III and above) you’re probably better off looking at the Sea Eagle Explorer or Sports kayaks. But for occasional class II or lower, the SE9 should be fine.

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