Intex Seahawk 4 Review

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Intex Seahawk 4The Intex Seahawk 4 is a super affordable, entry-level 4 person inflatable boat. Fun for a day on the lake or floating down a river, the Seahawk 4 is a good choice for families with small children or someone who wants to get out and catch a few fish. For the price, this boat provides good value.

The Seahawk 4 is made out of tough 30 gauge PVC vinyl which resists abrasions and impacts. The material is also designed to withstand the summer sun and any gasoline or oil spills you might have. The Seahawk 4 is also built to hold up to saltwater use, although you won’t be taking her out on the high seas — this boat is best suited for a quiet estuary.

In this Intex Seahawk 4 review, we’ll cover this popular budget-priced boat’s best features, who it is suited for, the pros and cons, what’s included, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
ProsSuper affordable
Very easy to setup
Very compact
Easy to store
Separate air chambers for safety
Nice bundle of accessories
ConsWarranty duration is only 30 days
Longterm durability not on par with more expensive models
Soft floor makes standing tricky
No backrests on seats
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Intex Seahawk 4 Review: Boat Overview

Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable BoatThe Intex Seahawk 4 is best suited for small families. Two parents with two small children leaves some room for a cooler. This is a perfect little entry level boat to get your kids out on the water and exploring nature. Just remember that children must always wear life vests to ensure safety on the water.

A fisherman or a pair of fishermen could easily fit in the Seahawk 4 with all of their gear. The two rod holders are a nice feature for fishing enthusiasts, and adding a trolling motor is a great place to start if you want to customize your boat a bit. Be advised though, that spending a day in this boat with four grown men would definitely be a tight squeeze.

Entry grade rivers with level 1 rapids can be easily tackled in the Intex Seahawk 4. This boat would be an excellent way to introduce your family to the fun of river rafting, although you may need to invest in a stronger set of oars for more serious paddling.

Birdwatchers, nature lovers, and water lovers will all get a lot out of the Intex Seahawk 4.

This boat is a solid choice for entry-level boaters who have budget restrictions and can’t afford a more expensive model. The Seahawk 4 is very affordable, and makes it easy to quickly get into the water and begin learning the ropes.


Intex Seahawk 4 ConstructionThis 4 person boat can hold up to 880 lbs (440kgs) and comes with two fishing rod holders at the back and two inflatable seat cushions. It has an all around grab line and two grab handles on the bow for easy handling. The two welded oar locks make it easy to row.

The Intex Seahawk 4 comes with a repair patch, a gear pouch and two oar holders. The two oars are lightweight 48” Aluminium that will float if dropped overboard. The Boston valves make for quick inflating (ten minutes with the high output manual hand pump) and quick deflating times. Allowing you to maximize time on the water.

The Intex Seahawk 4 comes with a US Coast Guard ID.

Inflatable Boat Design

Intex Seahawk 4 HandlesThe Intex Seahawk 4 is constructed of 30 gauge PVC vinyl which makes it strong and resistant to damage. If you should spring a leak, this boat has separate air chambers for added safety in emergency situations.

The all around grab lines and two grab handles on the bow make for easy handling into and out of the water.

This boat is lightweight, but still big enough to spend a day on the lake. It weighs just 37 pounds and measures 138″ by 57″.


Serious water rafting (anything grade two or above) would not be an advised use for this boat. It won’t handle rough water even on a lake — it’s really designed for calm lakes, dams, and gentle rivers.

Taking a dog on this boat would be tricky. Many users have added a plywood floor, making the floor far sturdier and more suitable for bringing along a dog.

Intex Seahawk 4 Rating
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Service
  • Price
User Rating 2.87 (23 votes)


Weight37 pounds
Max Weight Capacity880 pounds
Passenger Capacity4 person

What’s Included

Intex Seahawk 4 AccessoriesThe Intex Seahawk 4 includes a high-output manual hand pump, two 48″ deluxe aluminum oars, and an inflatable boat repair kit. Intex boats come with a 30 day warranty which covers you in the event of a manufacturing defect.


Can I put a motor on the Seahawk 4? If so, which one is best?
Absolutely. You’ll need to purchase a motor mount from Intex to mount the motor onto. The best motor for the Intex Seahawk 4 is a trolling motor, and Intex makes a 36” shaft trolling motor perfect for the boat.

Is there a specific motor mount that I need to purchase?
Intex offers motor mounts that are specifically made for your boat.

Can I fix punctures myself?
Indeed. Any small puncture is easily fixed with the repair kit. However any large holes must be repaired by a professional for your safety.

What other modifications are popular with Intex Seahawk 4 users?
A mini electrical pump would make your life easier. Some people put a plywood floor into the boat to add extra firmness, especially if you intend to spend the day fishing out on the lake. Just make sure it is fitted correctly and properly finished off to keep it from causing punctures. Also available from Intex is a shade cover and extension, especially useful if your fishing trip will leave you exposed to the sun all day.

What is the longterm durability of the Seahawk 4?
Being that this is an entry-level boat that is priced very affordably, the longterm durability won’t be on the same level as more expensive models. If you are looking for a 4 person inflatable boat that is a bit more rugged, we recommend checking out the popular Intex Mariner 4 boat.

Final Thoughts

The Intex Seahawk 4 is a fun, inexpensive little boat that will get you out on the water quickly and with very little hassle. It’s perfect for recreational boating — fishermen, rafters, nature lovers, and lake loungers will all find the Seahawk 4 enjoyable.

This boat is super portable, and in the winter months it can be stored away easily without the need for trailers or large storage spaces. It would make a great gift for a fisherman and is also wonderful for family fun.

Overall, the Intex Seahawk 4 inflatable boat is a super affordable, entry-level model that is great for light, recreational use.

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