Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Review

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Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCatThe Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat is a well-built, stable inflatable pontoon boat that is idea for fishing. Thanks to Sea Eagle’s unique, patented folding frame design, the 375fc FoldCat is both lightweight and extremely portable.

Unlike traditional pontoon boats that are cumbersome to transport and store, the 375fc deflates, folds up, and fits right in the back of your car. When not in use, it can be conveniently stored in a closet or other small space, eliminating the need for large, dedicated storage areas.Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat BagSea Eagle has been in the inflatables industry for more than 40 years. This New York-based family owned and operated company is passionate about making inflatables that are extremely high-quality, affordable, and suit the diverse needs of their customers.

All of Sea Eagle’s boats, kayaks, and inflatable paddle boards are made with safety as a top priority. They’re also designed to be tough and long-lasting, and Sea Eagle backs all of their inflatables up with an industry-leading 3 year warranty and 180 day risk-free money back guarantee.

In this Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat review, we’ll take a look at this popular inflatable pontoon boat, why it is the perfect choice for anglers, the boat’s best features, specs, pros and cons, what’s included, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
ProsSuper stable
Durable construction
Great portability
Excellent design
Elevated sitting position is great for fishing
Solid bundle of accessories
Industry-leading 3 year warranty
180 day risk-free trial
ConsNot as versatile as other boats, only for fishing
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Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Review: Boat Overview

Sea Eagle 375fc Inflatable Pontoon BoatThe Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat pontoon boat is the perfect fishing platform — combining stability, an elevated sitting position, and outstanding portability.

Like the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10, the 375fc’s attractive new hunter green color does a great job of allowing the boat to blend in with natural surroundings.

Supported by a broad base which is reinfoced by Sea Eagle’s patented folding frame design, the 375fc FoldCat can handle unevenly distributed weight without tipping. The pontoon design also allows this boat to go places that other boats would never be able to reach, making it the perfect boat for getting to those hard to reach fishing spots.

The Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat comes with two comfortable swivel seats, and the highly customizable design allows for a variety of accessories to be added (such as a canopy, motor, etc.).

Top Features

Sea Eagle 375fcThe Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat comes with full NMMA and CE certification.

The patented folding frame design for the super light aluminum cross boards gives the floor outstanding strength and stability, and the padded 360 degree swivel seats are perfect for fishing.

The 375fc also features four convenient carry handles, oarlocks and oars, a Scotty Rod mount system, and a full fabric floor.

Pontoon Boat Design

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCatInflated, the 375fc FoldCat’s exterior measures 148″ x 54″, which provides ample space for two people. The boat weighs in at 75 pounds and can support a maximum load of up to 650 pounds.

The 375fc FoldCat basically has two floors. First, there’s an aluminum cross board floor which helps to stabilize the boat and acts as a rigid platform which anglers can stand or sit on. Underneath that, there’s also a full fabric floor that runs the entire length of the boat. This floor can support electric batteries, lures, tackle boxes, and more.

Deflated, the Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat folds up to just 56″ x 21″ x 10″. As far as setup goes, it’s very user-friendly. Simply roll it out and insert four underbars under the aluminum cross boards. Then, inflate the boat and set it up. You can easily be done and on the water in less than 10 minutes, which means you’ll spend less time getting the boat in the water and more time fishing.

The 375fc FoldCat is made out of a durable, reinforced 1100 Decitex, and it has quadruple overlap seams. This boat was built to last a very long time, and the molded nose cones add to the boat’s excellent overall durability.

When it comes to motors and speed, the boat’s maximum engine capacity is 3HP with a max engine weight of 44 pounds. Speeds of 8 mph are possible with a gas motor, and up to 4 mph with an electric motor.

The recommended inflation pressure of the Sea Eagle 375fc is 3.2 psi.

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Rating
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Service
  • Price
User Rating 2.73 (30 votes)


Weight75 pounds
Max Weight Capacity650 pounds
Passenger Capacity2 person

What’s Included

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat DeluxeThe basic, entry-level configuration of this boat is the Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Deluxe package. This package includes:

  • Two green swivel seats
  • Two quick release seat mounts
  • Two Scotty Rod holders
  • A river oar set
  • An A41 foot pump
  • A 7″ pedastal
  • An oarlock set
  • 2 oarlock pins
  • A green inflatable boat carrying bag
  • An inflatable boat repair kit

As with all Sea Eagle boats, the 375fc is backed by their industry-leading 3 year warranty and 180 day money back guarantee.

One of the great things about the 375fc FoldCat is the fact that it is highly customizable with Sea Eagle’s nice variety of accessories.

Additional Package Options

In addition to the entry-level Deluxe package, Sea Eagle also offers four additional configurations:

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Pro Angler Guide
Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Pro Angler Guide
The Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Pro Angler Guide package features everything included with the Deluxe package, in addition to two extra Scotty Rod holders, a casting bar, and a storage bag for accessories.
Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Motor
Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Motor
The Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Motor package comes with everything in the Pro Angler package, plus a Minn-Kota Endura 30 freshwater motor and battery power center.
Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Watersnake Motor
Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Watersnake Motor
The Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Watersnake Motor package includes everything from the Pro Angler package, plus a Watersnake Venom 34 dual purpose motor (fresh/saltwater) and battery power center.
Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Ultimate
Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Ultimate
The Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Ultimate package comes with everything included in the Pro Angler package, as well as an extra 7″ pedastal and a Torqueedo Travel 1003s electric motor with built-in rechargeable battery and GPS.


Does Sea Eagle have a return policy?
Absolutely. As long as the return meets certain conditions and it takes place within 180 days of the buyer receiving the boat, Sea Eagle will issue a full refund.

Is this a good boat for solo fishing?
While you can certainly use the 375fc for solo fishing, we would recommend checking out the smaller Sea Eagle 285fpb.

Do I have to register the 375fc FoldCat?
This depends on local laws. You should contact the appropriate agency in your area for specific requirements.

If a canopy is used, won’t it get in the motor’s way when stowed?
The canopy can move forwards and backwards, so this isn’t an issue.

Is it possible to order higher seat pedestals than the standard 7″ ones that are included?
While Sea Eagle only offers 7″ pedestals, taller ones are available elsewhere and they should work fine.

Additional Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Pictures

Sea Eagle 375fc Fishing BoatSea Eagle 375fc Inflatable Fishing BoatSea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Portability

Final Thoughts

Sea Eagle 375fc Folding FrameThe Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat is a durable, stable, and fun fishing boat that is perfect for any angler’s needs.

The patented roll-up aluminum flooring allows the entire boat to be packed up and stored in a bag that fits into the back of your car. Inflation and setup of the 375fc is quick and easy, taking less than 10 minutes to complete.

We love the fact that Sea Eagle includes a 3 year warranty and 180 day money back guarantee. This proves that the company is serious about standing behind the gear they make, and the fact that they’ve been in business since 1968 adds further confidence.

Whether you’re just looking for a simple fishing boat or need a fishing platform that allows for a great amount of customization, the Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat is an excellent choice that will serve you well for many years to come.

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