Newport Vessels

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Newport Vessels Inflatable BoatsNewport Vessels is well-known in the world of inflatable boating for producing extremely high-quality, affordable boats, and accessories. To learn more about their lineup of inflatable boats, please check out our Newport Vessels reviews.

The San Francisco-based company began selling inflatable boats in 2008, and they have a direct-to-consumer sales model that bypasses traditional retail stores. Newport Vessels is the brand, marketing arm, sales department, and point of contact for all customer service issues. By eliminating the middle men, Newport Vessels is able to offer a higher quality product for less than their competition.

Newport Vessels inflatable boats range in length from 8.6 feet to 12.5 feet, and the company’s current lineup consists of seven boat models. Newport Vessels inflatable boats are built to last and are backed by a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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