How to Clean an Inflatable Boat with Grampstr’s Pride

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How to Clean an Inflatable BoatIf you’re looking for a great way to clean your inflatable boat and keep it looking new, Grampstr’s Pride makes a few biodegradable, eco-friendly products that are worth checking out. Headquartered in Elizabethtown, PA, Grampstr’s Pride manufacturers environmentally friendly stain removers and cleaning solutions for boats.

In the following video, two different Grampstr’s Pride products are used to remove stubborn diesel stains from an inflatable boat.

First, the boat is sprayed with Grampstr’s Pride React and scrubbed with a brush. React is an organic, all-purpose cleaning product that is completely biodegradable.

Next, Grampstr’s Pride Revive is applied. This is a product that is used by quite a few of the major yacht manufacturers because it’s so effective in dissolving and removing stains, and it gives new life to leather and vinyl surfaces. Revive also helps to protect your inflatable boat from ultraviolet rays.

Enjoy the video, and happy boating…

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